What was the reason to use AwesomeWM?

What was the reason to use AwesomeWM as a default for GoboLinux?

Same question goes for rxvt Terminal Emulator.

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According to GoboLinux 017 release introduction
It might be:

  • The Lua scripting language
  • Supposed minimalism, maintainability

GoboLinux 017 continues to feature a minimalistic yet comfortable desktop based on the Awesome window manager. Awesome is well-known as an excellent tiling WM, but its Lua scripting capabilities makes it extremely customizable. In Gobo, we tuned it so it ships with a setup based on floating windows which should be familiar to all users, while keeping all the power features of Awesome at hand.

And of course, there’s a procedurally-generated wallpaper, which you’ll have to boot into the Live ISO to check out! ; )

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I can not speak for hisham and lucas but both use lua
a lot; and both like it I guess. Hisham is (or has been)
quite active with luaRocks. So I think it is natural to
cater to an environment you can easily modify.

I personally use icewm right now. Fluxbox was my
favourite lightweight WM though.

I am fine with GNOME3 and KDE5 too by the way
but since I tend to compile from source, icewm is
just so much easier to set up for me.

I remember when GoboLinux was using KDE3. That
was quite neat. It’s unfortunate how complex the
KDE5 stack got … I can compile it (for the most
part … I fail at the qt-web-related asepcts though)
but it has like +200 packages or something. Somehow
this all becomes more and more complex and
complicated …


Scripting capabilities in Lua were definitely what prompted the choice for AwesomeWM. Hisham, in special, had always wanted to come up with a special UI, and AwesomeWM provided exactly what we needed.

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For a minute I was suddenly interested in graphical user interface and it seems I found
that TinyWM author recommends AwesomeWM for its simplicity and learning capabilities.

Yet another small – but in comparison to TinyWM, big – window manager is
aewm. It’s a good example for learning about writing a window manager.

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