/System/Index/libexec is empty. Issue?

I have just noticed, following an error produced during QtDeclarative 6.1.2 installation,

AutoGen error
Info error in info file
The moc executable "/System/Index/./libexec/moc" does not exist.

that /System/Index/libexec is empty but programs under /usr/libexec are well symlinked to the right /Programs/…/libexec path

A look at AutogenInfo.json file show:
"QT_MOC_EXECUTABLE" : "/System/Index/./libexec/moc"

ls -l /usr/libexec/moc
`/usr/libexec/moc -> /Programs/QtBase/6.1.2/libexec/moc
ls -l /System/Index/libexec/   
total 0

So, I fixed “temporarily?” on my side the path of LIBEXECDIR for QtBase and now everything look better,

"QT_MOC_EXECUTABLE" : "/System/Index/lib/qt6/moc"

Note that the previous path is rather strange with the dot.

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