Required library is not visible in Runner overlay using Compile

I have had quite a bit of fun learning how GoboLinux works, but there is one thing which has me stumped because I don’t fully understand the underlying technology.
I am trying to run Compile Mousepad 0.2.16 but the configure script stops because it can’t find libxfcegui4-1.0. The program LibXFCEGUI4 is in the recipe’s dependencies resource. I’ve run the script provided in the “known issues and fixes” wiki section to correct some issues in overlayfs which have apparently caused issues like this, but to no avail.

Hi Taylor!

Maybe your installation of LibXFCEGUI4 is not up to date enough for Mousepad to compile?

In that case please try to update LibXFCEGUI4 first. If there is no newer recipe in the repos you will need to update the recipe yourself.

There are tools like NewVersion to help you with this endavour. But sometimes manual recipe editing is required, if e.g. the build system/build flags changed, or even when theres a bug in the NewVersion scipt.

For better reference please also post the full console output of the failed build process.