Mount in GoboLinux & a graphical file manager?

I’ve got a bunch of distros on one disk and I’m trying to set things up such that all distros have easy access to all partitions, including those of other distros.

Mostly this involves messing with /etc/fstab. Got rid of the horrible, changeable /dev/sdaX way of identifying partitions. (Similar to /System/Kernel/Devices/sdX system?) UUID is much better, but things break if I reinstall a distro because of new UUIDs and all. Because of that, and because it’s easier to type, I’m using labels to specify partitions.

My scheme isn’t working in GoboLinux yet, though. I thought that I could get away with changing /mnt to /Mount when specifying the mount point, but that doesn’t seem to have fixed things.

Also, slightly related, are there any graphical file managers that work well with GoboLinux? I followed the links to end up here, but couldn’t identify anything useful. How does one find out what packages are installable or compilable? I tried things randomly. Midnight Commander closest so far. Awesome Window Manager people seem to like thunar and ranger (if not the command line), but those don’t seem to be ready to go. You guys probably just use the CLI, right?

After further study, I find that running mount from the command line works, but when mount tries to load my UUID or LABEL entries in fstab during startup it doesn’t succeed.

Does GoboLinux use mount to load fstab entries? Perhaps the symbolic links haven’t been set up yet, or GoboHide hasn’t kicked in?

I don’t really know what I’m talking about here. Despite my basic research, I’m just throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks.