Mailing list archive?

Hello Gobos!

I’ve been away from Gobolinux for a couple of years.
I’ve managed to make some progress towards towards running KDE (I’ve compiled Qt5.15.2 for instance), and wanted to see what snags people had hit before.

I remember reading about attempts to build KDE in the GoboLinux mailing list, but it doesn’t seem to exist any more!

Is there an archive somewhere?

Hello there!

Fortunately, the mailing list has been archived by MARC: Mailing list ARChives. The development mailing list is also archived here.

I had a bunch of recipes for KDE4 (and then 5, if I’m not mistaken), but Qt5 was a PITA to compile when alternative installation paths were used: several files had to be patched after make install to allow programs attempting to link against libqt to find libraries and template files.

Last time I had to deal with Qt5 I just downloaded the binary package from their website and used it, but I didn’t give Qt5 a second chance.

I had a helper script to assist me on the automation of creating new versions of the KDE recipes. There’s still a copy of that (now deleted) script here, but I note that it uses deprecated Compile features like meta-recipes, for instance, so I don’t know how helpful it’s going to be.

Best of luck :slight_smile: