It would be nice to have "/Programs/Preinstalled" folder

There is some essential software that is installed during GoboLinux installation
and some can be seen in GoboLinux LiveCD, such as:

  • XF86-Input-Mouse
  • FreeType
  • FFmpeg
  • Various Libraries…
  • And so on…

It’s very messy to have all the preinstalled software in the /Programs/ folder.
A separate folder /Programs/Preinstalled/ would be great addition to the GoboLinux File System.

Now, I’m not sure if Preinstalled is the best name for such folder. But it might fit.

It is good to know what software you have installed after installation of GoboLinux.

Well, you can create symlinks after you first install the system if that helps:

mkdir -p /StockPrograms
ln -s /Programs/* /StockPrograms

Not sure how much useful such a thing would be, but there you go.

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