IRC channel moves to Libera

Owing to the recent developments with Freenode and accompanying general migration to, I’ve created the #gobolinux channel there. It’s never been a busy channel, but in case anybody goes looking, that’s where it is. I don’t know how long the Freenode version’s topic’s pointer to Libera will remain accessible.

I have submitted the form to register the project formally, which I’m not sure whether we ever did at Freenode or not, but it’s not processed yet. The channel is there now already anyway.

@lucasvr post your username here so I can re-op you.

Thanks, Michael. I just registered as paranoidd.

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The answer is “this long”; the network made a hostile takeover a few minutes ago.

What an absolutely weird series of events. Like, why would anyone at all care about IRC? Additionally, what does the party concerned gain by taking over an IRC network and then by draining it of users? There’s little avenue for monetization, there’s no userbase you’d be able to farm info from since everyone was driven off, and there’s no chance of gaining those users back at this point either…