Installation of Linux kernel fails

Hi, I am trying to install Linux 5.9.16. After the compilation is finished, the installation step fails with: Do you want to regenerate your UEFI boot application? [Y/n]Y

mount: /System/Kernel/Devices/sdb3 mounted on /Mount/ESP.
dracut: Cannot find module directory /Programs/Linux/5.9.16/lib/modules/5.9.16-Gobo-2
dracut: and --no-kernel was not specified
Compile: Installation was moved to /Programs/Linux/5.9.16-failed

I would be glad for any help.

I have just reproduced this problem on my end. I’ll look into it and will post an update as soon as it’s been fixed.

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I pushed an updated version of the WriteBoot64 script to the Linux recipe tree. Please update your copy with git pull and overwrite /Data/Recipes/Compile/Linux/5.9.16/x86_64/WriteBoot64 with the new version.

Here’s the actual fixes in case you prefer to copy+paste them:

Please let me know if this fixes the problem for you.

Hi Lucas, thank you for investigating :slight_smile:

Unfortunately there is still some issue present on my end, this time with a slightly different output: Do you want to regenerate your UEFI boot application? [Y/n]Y

/Programs/Linux/5.9.16-2/lib/modules/5.9.16-2* does not exist
Compile: Installation was moved to /Programs/Linux/5.9.16-failed
Compile: Linux 5.9.16 - Failure in post-install operation.

There was one more problem with the recipe: it was incorrectly guessing the kernel version string, which in your case included a suffix -2 . The right way to get that string is to take it from include/config/kernel.release, which we do now. I’ve tested this with linux-next and the installation proceeded until the end. The patch was then backported to (but not tested on) 5.9.8, seen below:

Please let me know how that goes.

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Thanks lucas seems like it required some rework :astonished: but that fixed it on my side… awesome!

I managed to compile up to Linux 5.10.26 and run it successully =) Is it okay for you if I push it to the repos?

Btw, I wonder how you were able to compile linux-next? On my end it failed to apply the gobohide patch on Linux 5.11.10 with

fs/gobohide.c: In function ‘parse_path’:
fs/gobohide.c:115:2: error: implicit declaration of function ‘nla_strlcpy’; did you mean ‘nla_strscpy’? [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
  115 |  nla_strlcpy(data, na, len);
      |  ^~~~~~~~~~~
      |  nla_strscpy
cc1: some warnings being treated as errors
make[1]: *** [scripts/ fs/gobohide.o] Error 1

Terrific! It’s great to know that my work hasn’t been in vain! Please go ahead and push 5.10.26 to the repository.

Regarding linux-next, I’ve made modifications to gobohide. I’m not planning on pushing that recipe to the repository (as it’s experimental stuff), but please find it here in case you’d like to try to apply it on 5.11.10

Awesome! For now I’m happy with Linux 5.10.*, as it resolved the issues I’ve had with my LAN interface. I have pushed it to the repos.

But good to hear there is something in the works for Linux 5.11 and above :))

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