GoboLinux Critique

I would keep this “distribution” 10-feet away from any serious deployment.


Yeah, there are a few replies from me on that thread. The changes to vfs_rmdir() have been fixed in the most recent version of the recipe, and they shouldn’t affect you anyhow – unless you’re intending to rm -rf /usr or some other directory managed by Gobohide.

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I don’t really understand that thread or discussion. People get
way too woke-emo-triggered these days. :stuck_out_tongue:

GoboHide is fine. I think, though, if we could have a re-bootstrap
of GoboLinux it would be nice to have high quality documentation
from A to Z available, but that’s easier said than done. Many of
my own projects lack documentation and while I try to improve
this, realistically many of these projects just will never have epic
documentation. I try to make smaller chunks of improvements
now and then when time permits though.

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Whoa … some of the replies on lwn are so weird.

Look at this:

And if your convention doesn’t get accepted, perhaps it means that it
doesn’t fit a real need?

So he argues that if the GNOME/GTK devs don’t agree to any change
to the status quo, it does not “fit a real need” or has a “real use case”.

That’s an awful opinion. No wonder the FHS could succeed - inertia
is a real thing. Good luck to anyone reporting to the GTK devs change
they don’t want to have - chicken-egg situation. :wink:

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