Getting around archive-extraction issues

I’ve been attempting to update my system to the latest git builds, and have come across a problem: tar is refusing to extract any files, because it can’t find Does anyone have any fixes for this, or any way to compile things without extracting a tar.gz, tar.xz, or tar.bz2 archive?

I don’t know where to put things like this, so I hope this is the right place.

Hello there! Yes, this is the right place to ask questions.

That file belongs to the ACL package. I wonder if /lib/ was deleted by accident? If that’s the case you can fix it by linking ACL once again with the command SymlinkProgram ACL. My system has a single ACL package, version 2.2.53. If you have more than one version you may want to double-check which version provides that file by checking the output of ls /Programs/ACL/*/lib/

If you no longer have ACL around then you’ll have to reinstall it – I can create a .zip archive of the official package if that helps you.