Failed to Boot after Fresh Install

my laptop failed to boot after fresh gobolinux install. Mounting ESP partition on LiveUSB didnt work.

mount /dev/nvme0n1p1 /mnt

wrong fs type, blah blah.

also I think at the end of installation، it gave me USB disk boot entries instead of NVMe

You are not supposed to mount the esp partition while being on the live system.

For me it works flawlessly on NVMe. What I always do is partition the disk with Gparted before starting the installation wizard (use GPT unless you have a Bios system).

The esp partition should be in Fat32.

Try the install wizard again, but this time partition it yourself properly?

You can always try to start the system with something like the SystemRescue live usb:
It should find your gobolinux installation (there is an option to look for existing bootloaders during boot).

Lastly you could also just install grub with the boot entries manually (from a different system or liveusb). I am using Gobo side by side with other linux distro’s and with win10. Their bootloaders can load gobolinux just fine.

You gave quite limited info, therefore my answers are limited.