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Hi guys,

My name is Saulius, I am Lithuanian currently living in London. I think that Linux is a great idea, but it stuck too much to its ancient foundations. That is probably ok for servers, but may not be that great for desktop users. I’ve learned about Gobolinux many years ago and that was a true discovery for me. I’ve realised that linux can be much more innovative and progressive and that is just a matter of right attitude. The small changes in fundament led to enormous benefit for entire system and in user experience. Can you imagine how many such discoveries yet to be made in a linux world?

Unfortunately, I am not the IT professional, thus my capacity to contribute to development of Gobo is quite limited, nevertheless I am happy to contribute where you think I can.

I own the Telegram channel of Gobolinux (Telegram: Contact @gobolinux - there are few subscribers), as well as Gobolinux group for a chat. Happy to share ownership of these with Lucas and Hisham.

Great to see Gobo is coming back to stage. Thank you guys to all for your dedication and hard work.



Thanks Saulius, welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

Assuming the forum gets traction, it helps a lot already if you can give us some help welcoming new members and assisting them when you can.

Another thing that we always appreciate is to have feedback on beta releases so we can fix minor slips before we ship the final version. I will make sure to announce and ask for testing when it comes the time.

Best regards!

Down the GoboHole?
  • YES! <3
  • Must make GoboLinux great again!

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@saul Yup! I also work in Linux. I think it will become wonderful project in some years. :slightly_smiling_face: