Completely lost with Gobo symlinks

I have to say honestly that I’m totally lost now with the symlinks in Gobolinux.
I thought first I understood the thing but not at all.

I have a recipe which contains at the beginning:


and at the end

post_install() { 
  mkdir -p $goboShared/66/{module,script,service}

But as a result the mkdir doesn’t work and I don’t understand why. It is not supposed to create a directory inside /System/Index/share ? The --shared=no seems to be the reason it is not working but I don’t understand why.

When I’m creating this directory I’m not creating it from /usr/share but from /System/Index/share and /usr/share is only a symlink to /System/Index/share and if I understand in a right way the SymlinkProgram documentation :

-a, --shared <entry> : Link shared files into /usr/share

So, what I’m asking is, don’t automagically symlink from /Programs/Foo/0.0/share/66/service to /System/Index/share/66/service but let me create some directories in /System/Index/share/ ( 66/{module,script,service} ) and after that I will symlink /Programs/Foo/0.0/share/66/service/myservice to /System/Index/share/66/service/

How about writing a pre_install() hook where you mkdir -p $target/share/66/{module,script,service}?