Compiling from source

So im new to gobolinux and am trying to install Github CLI and so i downloaded the sourceCode an am struggling to install it and set it up, would someone here be able to help? I tried to follow the documentation on gobo website but i still couldnt get it to work?
Thank you!^^

The easiest way would be to download the release binary or not? → cli/ at trunk · cli/cli · GitHub

Usually you can do, I think, if I remember correctly:

“Compile php”

I think that works. There are various tools and they were described
at the homepage if I recall correctly, including the recipes.

Here is the general entry point for Compile:

If you need a new recipe you may have to do NewRecipe or MakeRecipe,
I forgot the name, but you can find these all in some package (I also
forgot the name, sorry - I am coming back after a hiatus).

Perhaps lucas can add some post-installation hook to show these information to GoboLinux for newcomers. If I recall correctly that information was all on the old homepage. The new one is a bit different I think - more stylish but I am not sure if it is as easy to find stuff. Then again I am much older now too, and I struggle with things all of the time now … :stuck_out_tongue:

The Recipes are also on github by the way so you can track the activity. Lucas and hisham are still active (hisham I think in regards to some recipes, like lua stuff) and I think mhomer also does stuff still.

Recipes are here: GitHub - gobolinux/Recipes: The GoboLinux recipes repository

You can see lucas just updated libatomic yesterday.