Aloha fellow disciples of Gobo! Grub2 menu tweaking

Hi there!

I recently installed GoboLinux on a multi-multi-distro computer. The PC was already set up with Grub2, but that installation (fedora) didn’t recognize GoboLinux, just listing it as an unknown Linux distribution. How insulting.

I know that GoboLinux can set up Grub so that it’s recognized and all, but I wanted other distros to give it proper respect. I found that if I drop a file called os-release in /System/Settings (aka /etc in the unenlightened spheres) the managing version of Grub will find it and list GoboLinux in the Grub menu.

Haven’t been able to figure out how to point it toward GoboLinux icons yet, other than pasting them into the alien partition myself.

Any suggestions for improvements are appreciated.

I put this in the os-release file:

PRETTY_NAME="GoboLinux 017"

Greetings! Thanks for sharing that piece of information. We’ll look into shipping the distro with an os-release file next time!

I don’t have any particular suggestions for improvements, as I run a single operating system on my machines. We’ll have to see if somebody else experienced with tweaking of os-release files speaks up :slight_smile:

Awesome! That’s what I was hoping to hear.

Now to make something to work with the Boot Loader Specification…